Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kinderfarm Park

Before we started getting all of this sticky, hot weather the kids and I took a field trip to Kinderfarm Park.  There is two sides to the park the first one is the sports complex where kids play soccer, lacrosse, and football and the other side is the jungle gym, the pond, and the farm.  Around both sides is a trail that I ran a couple winters ago when I did the Valentine's Day 5k.  For todays trip I decided to park on the sports complex side and walk the trail a little while before getting to the jungle gym and farm.

We had so much fun and I found a lot of great places to take pictures in the future.  Even though we walked well over three miles (tracked with my fitbit, lol) when we got back to the house the kids were ready to go and swam in the pool the rest of the day.  I was beat!!