Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years at Assateague

What a great way to spend the first day of 2015!!! 

We decided to drive to the state line..

Once there we lost mom and dad. Come to find out they drove behind the dunes to one of the old houses. As soon as we learned that we jumped back in the truck to drive it ourselves. This house has been abandoned for atleast 50 years. It was the start of an adventurous day.

The house was in rough shape but it still had so much character and history. 

As we were walking around we found a stair case that must had been a widows walk at some point. The view was outstanding!!

Mike saw this as we were getting ready to leave I had to get a picture. In the end Jamie dug out 6 whole bricks that we put in the truck. Once back on the beach mom wanted more so they went back and got 7 more.

Unfortunately my camera died half way through the day so the rest of these were taken with my phone. 

Jamie and I took a walk right before sunset, it was gorgeous.

I'm loving the start of 2015!!!